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    November 4th, 2010 - Next Week I’ll be providing the makeup for the Fashion Show at the Cedar Park Regional Medical Center’s Healthy Woman Anniversary Celebration.  The show will feature the fashions of Rachelle Briton, an awesome designer who started her own label here in Austin in 2009.  The Celebration will also feature Keynote Speaker Kathryn Childers as well as a health expo, cocktails, cuisine and so much more.  For more info Click on the Flyer Picture Below!

Sarah D Stopper
Professional Make-Up Artist
About my Recommendations:
All of my recommended products are based on my personal experience with them and therefore based on their effects on my skin.  I strive to provide the most accurate information on each product so if you feel you are a candidate based on the intended benefits, do what I do: try them out and see if you can agree with my testimonials.  Just remember I can't give you personalized recommendations without a personalized consultation so you may or may not be the ideal candidate for every product I recommend.
I am a big advocate of not having multiple products for the same use so I always suggest to try these products before you buy them if you can. Nordstrom and Sephora are the 2 most recommended places to not only sample but to purchase due to their lenient return policy.  Samples are to see if you do not get a bad reaction and to see if you like the consistency of the product.  
If you have a legitimate concern and are trying one of the products I recommend here, then you should see some results by the time you need to replenish the product.  If the intent of the treatment is preventative and you don't have a negative reaction, then it is working!